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Plug 'n Play, Network CD/DVD Appliance
The CyberROM-SP+ is a High Performance Scalable CD/DVD Server which integrates CD/DVD ROM and hard disk technologies into a network attached server independent configuration. Powered by the exclusive Storpoint CD+ thinserver engine by Axis Communications, the CyberROM-SP+ provides accelerated CD/DVD sharing in heterogenous network environments. CyberROM-SP+ enables you to create a mirror image of each CD or DVD onto a hard disk. To the client the image looks like a CD/DVD on the network. However, data is accessed from hard disk, a much higher performance storage medium. Each disk drive maintains a listing of the images and available capacity of the drive.

Easy to Install * Direct Network Connection
An 10/100 auto-sensing Fast Ethernet interface lets you take full advantage of the increased data rates. Constantly spinning disk drives eliminate CD reader spin up delay. CyberROM-SP+ supports up to 14 SCSI and 8 IDE devices and can be configured with any combination of CD Readers, DVD Readers, CD Changers and Disk Drives and provides simultaneous access to CD/DVD ROM data in Windows, Novell, Unix, OS/2 and Web environments and supports TCP/IP, IPX and pure IP protocols. Web browser based management tools embedded in flash memory simplify administration and product enhancements. Native NOS integration and full user and group security are supported. Automatic disc image creation and automatic volume recognition and sharing make it easy to network CDs or DVDs.


  • Direct Network Attached
  • Heterogeneous, Multi-Protocol Support
  • Optimized Performance for CD/DVD Sharing
  • Transfers Data at Hard Disk Rates and Access Times
  • Scalable to Meet Your Growth Requirements
  • Industry Leader Axis Communications Storpoint CD+ Engine
  • Manage with a Simple Web Browser
  • Network CD Recording
  • Automatic Disk Imaging
  • Automatic Volume Sharing
  • Single Volume Mapping
  • Field Upgradeable with Flash Memory
  • NOS Security Integration


  • Highest Performance in the Industry
  • Easy to Install
  • Network Server Independent
  • Easy to Manage
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Widest O/S Support
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